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Aditi Jagtap (Daughter of Ranjit Jagtap)

Aditi Jagtap, a 33-year-old native of Pune, embodies the spirit of compassion and service as the director of the Ram Mangal Heart Foundation. Her journey, which began in the classrooms of St. Mary's School and Ferguson College, has led her to the forefront of charitable work in healthcare. Jagtap's unwavering commitment to improving patients' conditions and her belief in making a tangible difference in her community have become the cornerstone of her professional life.

At the helm of the Ram Mangal Heart Foundation, Jagtap channels her passion for serving people into actionable change. Her active involvement in charitable endeavors not only provides better conditions for patients but also sets an inspiring example of how individual dedication can ripple out to touch countless lives. As Pune continues to evolve, voices like Jagtap's remind us of the power of local action and the profound impact of putting empathy into practice.