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Big It Companies in Usa


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Top It Companies in Usa
The advancements in the IT industry have brought a digital revolution worldwide. Computer software and IT products are an integral part of this new era. From a local store to a leading brand, all are using some software and applications to run the business.
The USA is among the advanced countries where the IT industry is flourishing rapidly. There are numerous IT companies in the USA since last few decades. But who is the leader among IT companies in the USA? Or Which companies have successfully grabbed a position in the list of top IT companies in the USA?
Why Are It Companies in the Usa Flourishing?
The expansion of IT companies in the USA is not hidden. The US is among the world's most developed nations, and IT companies find the US market best for growth. But there are several reasons behind it. The foremost reason for this is the availability of a highly skilled and educated workforce. Online courses like the PMP Course and other such certification programs help individuals secure jobs in these companies. Many individuals in the US have advanced degrees in computer science, engineering, and other related fields. This facilitates IT companies with a steady stream of talented workers to hire.
What Are the Top Big It Companies in Usa?
1. Microsoft

It primarily deals in computer software. Microsoft Office suite, Edge web browsers, Windows Operating systems, and Internet explorers are some of Microsoft's notable and globally used software.
Microsoft is the leading IT company worldwide with a wide array of services. The company also deals in electronic goods like phones, touchscreen computers, Xbox gaming consoles, server applications, cloud computing, laptops, etc. With its operations in 190 countries, Microsoft has the largest market capitalization in the USA.
2. Adobe System
Established in 1982, this company came into existence when Xerox declined the offer by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. The two were computer scientists at the Xerox Corporation's research center. They designed a programming language that was useful in exactly deciding the shape, size, and position of the computer-generated objects on a page.
3. Oracle Corp
It is categorized as one of the best IT companies in the USA. Oracle Corp is a global leader in providing database solutions to people. The company also provides enterprise software, middleware, and other products, along with computer hardware. The global acquisition is the primary source of growth for the company.
Information Management software for workstations, personal computers, mainframes, and other electronic gadgets based on digital technology is built by the Oracle group. Counted among the top IT companies in Texas, USA, Oracle Corp. after it purchased Sun Microsystems, company gained rights over the popular programming language Java, MySQL, an open-source database, and the Solaris operating system.
4. Salesforce.com, INC
Salesforce is an early-stage USA-based IT company. The variation is that Salesforce started working on projects related to Digital Transformations quite earlier than the other big IT companies in the USA.
It is a software as a service (SaaS) company with expertise in Customer Relationship Management CRM. The services by the company facilitate businesses with Cloud technology that allows them to connect better with existing customers, partners, and potential customers.
5. International Business Machines Corp
IBM is one of the leading computer manufacturers in America and another among the top IT companies in the United States. In 1911 the company, under a consolidation of three other smaller companies used to make punch cards, was incorporated as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording company. The company holds a share in both the US and abroad markets.
6. Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ)
Commonly famous for its short-form HP, it's a multinational American IT company. The company deals with developing various hardware components, software, and other related services for its customers. The company sells its services to medium- and large-sized enterprises, which primarily includes people in the healthcare, education, and government domain. To get a job in the company, you can try to take upskilling courses like the Full-stack JAVA Developer Bootcamp.
7. Intuit Corp. (INTU)
Next in the USA IT companies list is Intuit Corp. It is a California-based company that facilitates consumers, small-biz owners, self-employed folks, and accounting professionals with financial management and compliance products. Small businesses and self-employed, Consumers, Credit Karma, and ProConnect are the company's four operating segments. These services are provided in the USA, Canada, and several international destinations.
8. Mastercard
The name gives the idea that the company functions in the financial sector. It's a technology firm that is accountable for the processing of electronic payments. The company has tie-ups with various institutions globally, allowing it to connect different users like businesses, merchants, consumers, and many more in several transactions.
9. Nvidia
Nvidia is a multinational technology company in the California region and is considered one of the leading IT companies in the US. The company is into designing graphic processing units. It offers services to professional and gaming markets and systems on chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market.